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    I need...

    • To expand brand awareness
    • More qualified sales leads
    • To deliver marketing ROI
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    I need...

    • ROI from marketing
    • More sales to meet our revenue goals
    • Competitive advantage
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    • More qualified sales leads
    • To connect with prospects
    • New ways to build competitive edge
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    • Balance with enterprise demands
    • Collaboration with marketing
    • Technology that works for us
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    Customer Service

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    • To hear our customer's voice
    • To be responsive to customer needs
    • To deliver exceptional customer service
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    Human Resources

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    • To attract and hire top talent
    • Cultural change that retains employees
    • Training support on social media
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    • An online marketing partner
    • Control over my client relationships
    • Digital marketing expertise
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Social Business

Measure business outcomes not re-tweets, fans, followers in your social media channels. Learn more about Social Business. Join us on
The Social Business Engine Digital TV Show.

Content Marketing

Create engaging content in your digital marketing plan. Learn how Find and Convert produces and promotes content that gets you found and contacted.

Inbound Marketing

Attract leads through inbound marketing. Learn how Find and Convert develops, produces and measures inbound marketing strategies.

SEO & SEM Marketing

Get found more often in search engines. Convert more quality leads. Learn how Find and Convert develops and implements a search engine strategy that produces results.

We Deliver Internet Marketing Results
Digital Marketing Transformation

A successful digital marketing agency transforms your business from wishing you had more business to having more business.

A Digital Marketing Agency

Our goal for each new client relationship is to transform from your current state to desired state.

Transformational digital marketing is about one thing only: getting business results. We develop a plan based on your goals that creates new opportunities for your business. Whether you need more sales leads or competitive advantage, our team works with you to get you found online to create a memorable experience with your intended audience to create your desired business outcome. Following is what we do for our clients:

  • Develop a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your revenue goals.
  • Build or strengthen your company’s online reputation to develop trust, credibility, authority, leadership and sales-ready activities.
  • Integrate offline marketing with digital marketing to leverage all your marketing assets.
  • Transfer knowledge to your marketing team about digital marketing best practices to maximize your long term sales success.
  • Produce leads that your sales team drools over because they are actually qualified sales leads, not just a bunch of form fills from people not interested in your products or services.
  • Recommend and help you implement the best fit social business technology to support your long term digital marketing plans.

We are most successful for our clients when we have a collaborative relationship so strong that we are treated as a member of our client’s marketing team. Our client relationships are measured in years, not months.

We service growing B2B companies across the U.S. and Canada. If transformational digital marketing results are what you seek, and you are ready to collaborate with a team of marketing ninjas passionate about delivering leads that result in sales, call us for a consultation on how Find and Convert can help.