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Missed Opportunity for Coordinated LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn is the preferred B2B social networking tool with more than 200 million users as of this date. LinkedIn is very useful for individuals through a personal profile and for businesses primarily through a company page. Too often though, there is a lack of integration between the individual and the business in a coordinated LinkedIn strategy. This lack of integrated marketing between the marketing team and employees who use LinkedIn is a big missed opportunity. One way to create a coordinated LinkedIn strategy is to prioritize training provided for individuals about robust features such as the three features I’ve highlighted in this post.


Following Companies

Company pages offer a great opportunity to gain insights into a company’s products/services, its people and its content through status updates. Search for companies under the Companies menu. Follow companies that interest you and visit your Companies stream frequently to follow the content they post. Observe who has “liked” their status updates. Observe who has posted comments. If you have something to add, post your own comment. Those who engage in company status updates will notice your engagement. Look for an authentic opportunity to explore further engagement through the activity in Company status updates.


Advanced Signal Search

Signal is a powerful, but not so well-known feature in LinkedIn located under the News menu. The idea is to create custom searches to separate “signal from noise.” Do you want to follow an individual’s LinkedIn activity to look for an opportunity to engage?

Use LinkedIn Signal search to create custom searches.

Signal is a powerful search system built into LinkedIn available to all users. Consider using Signal in your LinkedIn marketing strategy in these ways.

  • Save searches of activities of people who work for a specific company
    • For example, save a Signal search for people who work at HubSpot
  • Save searches of status updates, mentions and content shared by an invidual
    • For example, save a Signal search of HubSpot’s Mike Volpe’s activities in LinkedIn
  • Save searches of businesses that you want to court in an industry or a geographic area
    • For example, save a Signal search of businesses in the retail industry or in a specific region of the world

Create a Signal search for companies in an industry.

Share Your Employer’s Content

One of the benefits of using LinkedIn is to build professional credibility and network with other professionals. Another reason that is too often overlooked is to contribute to your employer’s social business strategy. The most effective way to do both is to share content that you find interesting and represents your professional interests. You can share content as status updates on your profile, on Company status updates and through LinkedIn Today content. Be sure to make a comment about an article sharing your insights. Share a mix of content from your employer and content from other sources so you don’t appear as purely focused on promoting your employer’s content.

LinkedIn Business Development and Integrated Marketing

I believe many businesses underestimate the power of integrating their employee’s activities on LinkedIn and the enterprise marketing strategy. In some organizations there is a disconnect between these two camps as large as the Grand Canyon. Integrating a social business plan between employees active on LinkedIn and the strategic marketing communication plan is very powerful. This integration requires planning and training. Often employees do not understand how to use LinkedIn in a way that benefits their professional networking while also benefiting the corporate marketing strategy.
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