Our Team

As an inbound marketing agency, based in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, we have a staff of strategists and relationship managers, supported by a stellar team of specialists. Our relationship managers are themselves inbound marketing professionals with expertise in SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, website design and analytics. Our specialists contribute unique skills ranging from strategy, blog writing, editing, custom landing page development, call-to-action design, email marketing, analytics, and research, along with creative design.

Our Team of Inbound Marketing experts

Bernie Borges, CEO of Find and Convert and Host of Social Business Engine
CEO, Find and Convert & Host, Social Business Engine
Bernie Borges

As founder and CEO of Find and Convert, Bernie leads the agency’s strategy and provides inspiration to both teammates and clients. Bernie is a consummate content producer. He blogs this digital marketing insights and best practices on Find and Convert’s OptimizeThis blog. Bernie is also the host of the Social Business Engine digital TV show and podcast.

His first book, Marketing 2.0, is a popular book on social media marketing. He won’t tell us when his second book will be completed, but we know that it’s about the role of the employee in a social business. Bernie is a former faculty member of the American Marketing Association where he taught social media marketing workshops. He is still occasionally is a guest presenter at AMA webcast events. He also speaks selectively at marketing industry conferences, delivers public webinars on Social Business strategies and delivers private training to clients on various digital marketing strategies. Bernie is active in his local community where among other volunteer roles he is Chairperson of the Academy of Business Careers at East Lake High School. He also speaks frequently to university students on the importance of building and maintaining an online personal brand.

Billie Ginther, Digital Marketing Transformer
Digital Marketing Transformer
Billie Ginther

With over two decades of regional and national manufacturing sales and marketing management expertise, Billie has been very instrumental in the development of many of the execution methodologies that help our clients efficiently execute their Internet marketing strategies, saving valuable time and resources. Billie’s nick name is the “xcelerator.” Her research and analytics skills measure Internet marketing results through data presentations that could win awards. But, the only award she wants is the reassurance from our clients that Find and Convert’s collaborative digital strategy delivers ROI on their Internet marketing investment.

Billie is passionate about helping clients expand their digital presence through search optimization and social marketing strategies. As a valuable member of our Florida Internet marketing agency, when she is not diligently expanding our clients’ digital footprint, she enjoys the Sunshine State’s beaches and camp grounds with her family, friends and canines.

Carrie Gallagher, Inbound Marketing Specialist
Inbound Marketing Specialist
Carrie Gallagher

Carrie joins Find and Convert in 2015, after 16 years as a Marketing Director in the IT staffing and trading technology sector. Admittedly, she wasn’t in love with marketing for most of her career, but in 2012 the lights came on and it all started to make sense when she discovered Inbound, thanks to HubSpot.

Reinvented as an “Inbound Marketer,” Carrie was finally able to shed what frankly all of us are sick and tired of: in-your-face sales and marketing tactics with little empathy for the complicated 21st Century buyer’s journey. She loves Inbound because it’s all about authenticity, helping real people solve real problems, and driving results absent silly buzzwords and bloated ad budgets.

When she’s not geeking out on content marketing blogs or writing about herself in the third person, you’ll find Carrie leading the Brooklyn HubSpot User Group, tweeting @lovablemarketer, and chauffeuring her third grade son to enrichment activities throughout New York City.

Danielle Devening-Limon, Creative Director
Creative Director
Danielle Devening-Limon

Armed with a BFA in Web Development, Danielle is Find and Convert’s web dev guru, technical specialist and lead designer. With over 15 years of experience in website design and development, from user interface design and implementation to employing back-end custom functions for content management, her technical expertise and excellence in design assures clients’ digital projects are equal in function and aesthetic quality.

When Danielle is not designing or coding, she can be found enjoying the company of her family and friends, who are most likely tasting her most recent culinary experiment to satisfy her passion for plant-based cooking.

David LeFevre, Director Digital Marketing Services
Director of Digital Marketing Services
David LeFevre

Adept at overcoming business challenges with a technical and entrepreneurial spirit, David has held various sales, marketing and operational leadership roles throughout his 25+ year career. David has always been responsible for delivering B2B tech services to his clients. Since joining Find and Convert in 2012 as our Director of Digital Services, David has been finding new ways of delivering services to our clients. He ensures that we deliver what our clients need and that we deliver measurable business value. David’s business experience and knowledge of the latest technologies and digital marketing concepts allows him to relate well with our executive level clients as well as their technical staff. When needed, he gets hands-on helping our digital team execute digital marketing strategies. When David is not focused on business or kayak fishing around Tampa Bay and Florida catching dinner for his family he is an avid technology geek and is always looking out for the latest and greatest tech gadgets and toys.