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Learn how Artificial Intelligence identifies what content will attract website visitors and qualified leads.
How to Harness AI in Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Day 1: The Role of AI in Content Marketing

Day 2: Quality over Quantity Content

Day 3: The Content Audit

Day 4: The Competitive Audit

Day 5: Harnessing AI to Create Content that Produces

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90% of content doesn't produce results.
Incorporate AI into your strategy to create supercharged content that works!

5 Episodes in 5 Days

Podcast Series

In this 5 part podcast series, Find and Convert CEO, Bernie Borges and Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Ceralytics, Brandon Andersen, discuss how Artificial Intelligence can enhance your content strategy.

Here's what you'll take away from this audio series.

  • An Understanding of the Role of AI in Content Marketing
  • Why Quality is Better than Quantity with Content
  • How to Save Time by Using AI to Conduct a Content Audit
  • Why a Competitive Audit is Vital to Your Content Marketing Strategy
  • How to Harness AI to Create Content that Produces

This 5 part podcast series is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and Google Play. Each episode is under 15 minutes.

By downloading this Series here, you gain access to all five episodes at once. Download the audio file now and listen as often as you want.

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You'll also receive Ceralytics' whitepaper, What is Content Intelligence? This whitepaper answers the question, "What content should I write?"

Chad PollittV.P. of Audience, Partner Native Advertising Institute
"Content marketers who take advantage of artificial intelligence can create better content that gets results. AI is real and it's here to stay in content marketing."

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