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3 Reasons Employee Advocacy
is The New Marketing Paradigm

Oct 09 2014

Harnessing the collective wisdom of the employee population for marketing value becomes a matter of logic and survival. The bridge to this paradigm though needs planning. Merely asking employees to become marketers is a flawed approach.

12 B2B Slideshare Presentations That Rock

Aug 11 2014

12 Slideshare examples of how to reach an engaged audience on a social media platform that is comprised of a business audience, is 100% visual, offers social sharing potential and lead generation capabilities along with analytics and metrics.

How To Do Storytelling at Scale

Jul 14 2014

Ideally, your marketing team is organized around a storytelling mindset. This is a culture shift that doesn’t happen overnight. Even better is when the entire organization has a storytelling mindset. As you produce and publish content that tells a story, it naturally gets ingrained into the DNA of the enterprise.

5 Signs Your Business is Ready
for Social Selling

May 20 2014

The question to ask is not if social selling is legit? The question to ask is are you ready for it? Not all organizations are ready for social selling. It requires a social business culture that starts in the C-Suite to embrace social selling. If you respond affirmatively to all five of these, you are either well on your social selling journey, or you’re ready to embark on it now.

5 Difficult Ways to Get Results from LinkedIn

May 05 2014

Everything in business takes time and effort. The “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” cliche is applicable here. Get serious about LinkedIn using this mindset and these techniques and watch your results grow.

6 LinkedIn B2B Company Pages That Rock

Apr 21 2014

The LinkedIn Company page is another website that you own, albeit on rented digital land. As LinkedIn continues to strengthen its content marketing centricity, B2B brands who dedicate the time and resources to create strong brand messaging and engaging content, reap the benefits. There are at least 4 factors that make a LinkedIn company page effective.

3 Ways to Leverage Gamification in B2B

Apr 09 2014

Gamification has come of age in the B2B enterprise. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, the motivating factors don’t change. The level of scale changes according to size. But, the fact remains that people are motivated to behave in ways that provide reward, achievement or influence.

Inbound Marketing…Rad or Fad

Mar 31 2014

Inbound marketing best practices with the added dimension of understanding the modern buyer’s process in their journey allows the modern marketer to be aligned with the modern buyer. Only then can the modern marketer create experiences that resonate with the modern buyer.

15 Ways to Become a LinkedIn Power User

Mar 17 2014

If you’re serious about using LinkedIn to grow your business, whatever that means to you, you are an inbound marketer. Buzzword aside, the fundamental goal of using LinkedIn is for opportunities to come to you in some way. An inbound marketer creates value and interest through content and engagement to attract opportunities. This is the purest form of inbound marketing.

LinkedIn Opens Professional Publishing Platform
to All Users

Mar 03 2014

In today’s social media landscape, an employee’s brand is also the corporate brand whether you choose to accept that or not. HR and marketing executives should embrace the expanded LinkedIn Professional Publishing platform by offering guidance to their employees on how to use it for mutual branding value.