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3 Ways to Leverage Gamification in B2B

Apr 09 2014

Gamification has come of age in the B2B enterprise. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, the motivating factors don’t change. The level of scale changes according to size. But, the fact remains that people are motivated to behave in ways that provide reward, achievement or influence.

Inbound Marketing…Rad or Fad

Mar 31 2014

Inbound marketing best practices with the added dimension of understanding the modern buyer’s process in their journey allows the modern marketer to be aligned with the modern buyer. Only then can the modern marketer create experiences that resonate with the modern buyer.

15 Ways to Become a LinkedIn Power User

Mar 17 2014

If you’re serious about using LinkedIn to grow your business, whatever that means to you, you are an inbound marketer. Buzzword aside, the fundamental goal of using LinkedIn is for opportunities to come to you in some way. An inbound marketer creates value and interest through content and engagement to attract opportunities. This is the purest form of inbound marketing.

LinkedIn Opens Professional Publishing Platform
to All Users

Mar 03 2014

In today’s social media landscape, an employee’s brand is also the corporate brand whether you choose to accept that or not. HR and marketing executives should embrace the expanded LinkedIn Professional Publishing platform by offering guidance to their employees on how to use it for mutual branding value.

Solving the Marketing Technology Gap

Feb 24 2014

When a brand doesn’t have marketing systems in place with basic tracking of data such as customers by industry, product or persona, expectations must be lowered. The absence of marketing technology prevents insight into the benchmark against which future results will be compared and severely handicaps a brand’s ability to measure ROMI.

How to Turn Employees into Brand Advocates

Feb 15 2014

An internal social culture breeds trust and advocacy. Providing the culture and tools for employees to become brand advocates is a process that calls for tools, commitment and a culture of collaboration.

Building the Business Case
for Customer Advocacy

Feb 08 2014

Five years ago, EMC set out to build a community of people that could benefit each other in many ways. The EMC Community Network, powered by Jive Software, enables people to seamlessly connect. This customer advocacy program has delivered many tangible business benefits to EMC.

The Science of Data Driven Marketing

Feb 02 2014

By definition, a social business is data driven. So, why do so many marketers struggle with being data driven? The IBM Global CMO study points out that over 70% of CMOs struggle with the explosion of data. Why?

3 Reasons Social Selling is Like Seduction

Jan 22 2014

The “seduction” analogy works for social selling because it emphasizes the process from initial “touch” to closed sale. In The Invisible Sale, Tom Martin points out three ways to be “seductive” or to be successful in social selling.

4 Reasons Chemistry Rules
Between Agency and Client

Jan 01 2014

Call it wisdom or reflection or maybe an “a ha” moment, but it’s become blatantly obvious that the most mutually successful business relationships I’ve had throughout my career AND in my agency have been those where the people involved have good chemistry.