Integrate Your Digital Strategy Online and Offline

An Integrated Marketing Strategy Unique to Your Business

Your prospects and customers live and work in a multi-channel world. They attend in-person conferences and online webinars. They read books, watch videos, read blogs and listen to podcasts. And, they use social media both for fun and for business. We collaborate with you to develop a digital inbound marketing plan that integrates across many channels to reach your target audience where they are.


Your primary digital asset is your website. When someone visits your website, we ensure the experience is relevant. We ensure the content is relevant. We ensure it’s engaging.  We ensure it’s discoverable in search engine results. We ensure it is a consistent experience across your integrated marketing plan.


It’s often said “think mobile first.” In the connected age, people use mobile devices for everything from email to social media to health applications. We collaborate to ensure that all your digital assets display properly on all major mobile devices as a forethought, not as an afterthought. Mobile engagement is a key element to an integrated marketing plan.


Delivering content through a webinar format is a proven method of reaching an engaged B2B audience. We collaborate with you to develop a webinar strategy that plays a vital role in your integrated marketing plan.

Social Media

Reaching your customers through social media is fundamental in the modern marketing paradigm. Which social media channels your customers engage most in is something we’ll figure out together. The key is that we collaborate to establish a viable presence in social media as part of your integrated marketing plan.

Media Property

Your customers consume content in different formats. The average person has a 20 to 30 minute commute in the U.S. Offering content that’s easily consumed through your media property in e-book, video or podcast format is another example of contributing to your integrated marketing plan.


Print is alive and well. Conferences are alive and well. If your target audience finds value in attending industry conferences, we’ll collaborate to ensure you reach your audience at these conferences with an experience consistent with your online channels. We explore print options too including printed papers, infographics, etc., as content assets that people can consume while mobile. By providing offline options to engage your target audience, we ensure you have a strong integrated marketing plan.

Contact us to develop an integrated marketing strategy that uniquely addresses your business needs.

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