Social Media Management

Better Engagement With More People In Less Time

In order to maximize social media marketing results, authentic engagement must be part of your company’s DNA. It requires more than one or two designated people in your company. Enterprise level social media management requires cross-department involvement. The marketing team’s role is to provide vision and a plan, as well as guidance to the social media teams. Additionally, marketing should manage the social media campaigns and monitor your voice and online reputation.

Fully Customized and Integrated Social Media Management Tool

Save Time and Resources

Listen and engage from one platform. Find and Convert’s Social Media Management platform has a powerful array of time saving features which result in less time managing conversations and more time cultivating online relationships. Intelligent post management tracks posts, and replies across any social platform, or blog property. Our social media management system platform allows full customization to your organization’s specific needs.

Filter the Noise – Track Meaningful Conversations

Filter the Noise, Track Meaningful Conversations
Conversation views can be shaped around brand identity, keywords, sentiment or customized around particular needs – allowing you to focus on the most important parts of the conversation right away. The Find and Convert Social Media Management system adjusts formatting, and style for whichever network or web platform the content is intended for. Character limits, attachments, HTML tags, API limits, and URL shortening are all handled effortlessly. In addition, our social media management tool can customize URLs – so readers end up where you want.

Campaign and Team Collaboration

Workflow can be tailored to permit team collaboration on content as needed, with staged approval gates before content is deployed. Specific campaigns can be deployed and easily tracked and managed.

Better Listening, Better Conversations

The Find and Convert Social Media Management system makes conversations easier to understand, participate in, track, and analyze by allowing you to post, read, reply to and share comments from a single place.

Social Media Management Designed to Your Unique Needs

Our Social Media Management system is scalable and customizable. The architecture’s enterprise-class tools enable B2B enterprises to efficiently manage web and social media properties: unifying disparate communities, maintaining conversations in real-time, and standardizing brand and content. Our system focuses on your business needs. Outcomes are designed to reflect what you do, not force you to adapt to new processes. We understand that businesses have different needs for their customers. Our Social Media Management system gives you complete control over your social media marketing strategies.

Reputation Management

Have you considered the probability of a social media blunder impacting your brand? Each year brings examples of PR issues that could have been prevented by better oversight and planning. The Find and Convert Social Media Management system allows you to create “watchlists” that allows you to listen and monitor your online reputation of what people are saying about your brand.

Take your social media marketing initiatives to the next level. Schedule a demo and learn more about our affordable and customizable Social Media Management system. It will deliver more marketing ROI for you.

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