Social Selling Tools

Social networking improves reach, engagement and lead generation….And, it’s scalable.

Social Networking Tools for B2B Social Media Platforms

Your employees use social media. Often however, employees don’t know exactly how to use social media in ways that can be productive to your brand. In the modern business age, everyone is in sales no matter what their business card title says. Consider that the reach of your employees very likely exceeds the total reach of your corporate brand. If the average size of each employee’s LinkedIn network is 200 people, do the math.

Trust Factor

We’re living in the connected age. People are connected with other people. Maybe you’ve been influenced by comments, reviews or recommendations by people online. People that you’ve never even met. In fact, 84% of people trust recommendations from people they know (including LinkedIn connections). But, only 15% trust recommendations from brands (Source: Gartner). Another eye opening fact is 70% of customer brand perception is determined by experiences (Ken Irons, Market Leader).

Lead Generation

The modern sales professional strives to develop meaningful relationships with relevant people in her network. When a lead is developed by an employee through some form of social networking, that lead is 7 times more likely to close, than other forms of leads (IBM).


LinkedIn is the most effective social networking platform for B2B professionals at all levels. Our approach to social selling is to combine processes with technology to empower your employees to become efficient at social selling. The processes are a combination of best practices and to-do’s that accelerate the “know-how.” For those employees with advanced knowledge of LinkedIn best practices, they’ll get the most value out of the governance guidance we’ll provide your organization to give your employees the confidence to be effective at social selling.


Twitter is the micro-blogging social networking platform that allows your employees to build online relationships and easily share content online through desktop mobile devices. We help you build your followers. More importantly, we help your employees understand how to harness the reach of Twitter as well as the engagement factor. And, how to “listen for leads” on Twitter.

PeopleLinx Social Selling Software

Our approach to social selling technology is grounded in the award winning PeopleLinx social selling platform.

Listen, engage, produce leads through PeopleLinx

Social Selling Made Easy

PeopleLinx gives sales professionals the tools to communicate with buyers and prospects in a scalable and measurable way. They can listen for buying signals, attract inbound leads, and even qualify those leads using information gleaned from social. In other words, they can market, because they know how and because they have the tool to do it at scale.

And it’s not just sales people. By empowering the employee base on social, your organization can exponentially increase the size of their “social selling” channel. From the C-Suite to Product Development to Customer Service, we all have a voice and a contribution to make to sales.

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