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Search Engine Optimization is Fundamental

Find the Best Way for People to Find You

Search engines have changed the rules quite a bit in recent years. As SEO experts it’s our job to stay current on search and website optimization trends and best practices. We take this VERY seriously.

Our team of inbound marketing specialists is grounded in on-site and off-site SEO principles. It’s in our DNA dating back to our founding in 2002. We apply our years of acquired knowledge to develop an SEO plan that is unique to your business. We understand that every business wants to appear in search engine results as often as possible for as many desirable keywords as possible. Our SEO strategy for each client is to develop a plan that results in getting found by your target audience. In recent years some of the KPIs we measure have changed. We collaborate with our clients to arrive at the most relevant SEO KPIs that are meaningful to each client’s business goals.

A Winning Search Engine Optimization Strategy

An SEO plan has many elements. We begin with a persona analysis and comprehensive keyword research. We also assess your website’s architecture and identify your current banklink authority, along with other technical details that will need to be considered in your SEO plan. Our goal is to improve your online visibility so that you are found in search engines including Google, Bing and YAHOO!

A successful SEO strategy also requires a sound content strategy that has potential to produce social signals so that your target audience finds your content and shares it through social media channels including Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. These social signals play an increasingly important role in your content being found online on desktop and mobile devices. We like to say that “your content should find your target audience.” In fact, we call that the new SEO!

Your SEO efforts need to be consistent and ongoing. It’s a marathon, not a spring. Yes, SEO is an ongoing process, not a “one and done event.” The dynamics of the constantly evolving SEO landscape require ongoing attention and effort. And as your competitors increase their SEO focus, we study their progress and adjust your plan as needed.

Find and Convert applies our expert SEO knowledge to all of the services we provide. We constantly measure your results to determine where you’re winning and where you need to increase your efforts. We often measure several key performance indicators, including leads from organic search, referrals, social and other key traffic statistics as well as how your competitors are improving their SEO results.

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