Workshops and Training Seminars

In today’s rapid fire digital and social world, it’s critical that your team is up to speed on strategies and practices that move the needle in modern marketing. Our onsite workshops are customized to your situation to equip your team with the insights they need to be effective. A workshop, delivered by Find and Convert CEO, Bernie Borges, will motivate and inspire them to take action.
Each workshop is custom tailored to your situation. Following are a few workshop titles that suit many B2B organizations.
  • Making the Transition to Social Business
  • Social Selling is Legit – It's Not Optional

Invest In People with Proper Social Media Training

Your investment in people for effective use of social media requires an investment in training.

Executive Level Training

It is imperative that the senior leadership team gains a high level understanding of your social business plan, the resources required and how to measure results. The management team will set the tone for staff execution when they genuinely understand and embrace the social business plan.

Social Business Strategy

Your digital marketing plan includes social technology to communicate, engage, collaborate, prospect, network, share and serve your audience. We’ll map out your social business strategy, defining the social platforms that align with your business goals. Your staff needs to understand and embrace your social business strategy through live training on best practices, strategies and tactics to be used in your marketing plan.

Social Media Training Workshops

Certain members of your staff roll up their shirt sleeves everyday in social media. A workshop to provide in-the-trenches details on how to create community and engagement can accelerate their results.

Social Media Training Webinars

Once your staff understands the basic principles and execution of social media best practices through a social media workshop, webinars crafted to your company’s requirements provides an effective resource for gaining more social media proficiency in building online relationships with your target influencers and audiences.

Business Blogging Strategies

Your business blog strategy is a critical element to your digital marketing plan. The content plan developed during the strategic planning phase will drive your blog. Your blog training will focus on helping staff members understand how to write blog content that aligns with your content strategy. B2B and B2C blog best practices and success stories will inspire your staff to write effective blog content that produces desired results.

Social Selling Best Practices

Social selling is a set of practices that combines traditional relationship building with contemporary social channels. Execution details vary based on the role of the employee. A social selling workshop will be customized to the roles of the attendees and will empower them with insights and tools to get results.