Webinar Planning, Marketing & Delivery

We have a 27 step webinar planning system that starts with content and runs through day-of-delivery through post webinar follow up and ROI measurement.

Webinars are a cost-effective tool for demand generation, building brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty.

Find and Convert has helped clients plan, promote, deliver and get results from webinars. We’ll help you with presenter training, webinar pre and post production details, webinar presentation design, robust webinar promotion and even creation of webinar offers that will appeal to your audience.

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Did you know that there are at least 50 essential webinar planning, promoting and delivery tasks that should be implemented in order to have a successful webinar?

Delivering a high-profile webinar can be intimidating. One can certainly accelerate lead conversions through webinars, but without the proper planning and a solid promotional strategy, your webinars may just fall flat. Find and Convert can alleviate the pressure you are feeling from planning, promoting and delivering a live webinar. We prepare you every step of the way in the webinar process so that you and your team will feel confident and relaxed the day of your live webinar event. And, after the webinar is delivered we’ll ensure the on-demand version is correctly formatted for playback on your website (a common mistake).

Let’s face it, a webinar takes time and effort to plan, promote and deliver. If you have a webinar planned, how would you the answer the following questions?

  • What is the documented goal of your webinar?
  • Is your webinar part of a series, or a one time event?
  • Is the topic random or strategic to your content strategy?
  • Is the webinar presenter experienced at presenting in a webinar format?
  • How many people will be presenting?
  • Do you have outside presenters planned?
  • Do you have a moderator identified for the webinar?
  • How many people do you need to attend your webinar to achieve your goal?
  • How far in advance will you start planning your webinar?
  • How far in advance will you start promoting your webinar?
  • Is your webinar title catchy enough to appeal to your target audience?
  • How much budget is needed to effectively promote your webinar?
  • Which channels are best to advertise your webinar?
  • What offer should you provide webinar attendees?
  • How many promotional emails will you plan to send pre-webinar?
  • What kind of lead nurturing plan will you have in place post-webinar?
  • How are you handling social media promotion for your webinar?

These are just a few of the questions that will need to be addressed. Contact us to learn what else you might be missing.



Here are two of our webinars/webcasts that represent how we can help you plan, create and deliver an attractive webinar that will attract your audience.


Engagement in the sales process has changed significantly over the past few years. In today’s sales organization, it’s imperative that you harness social media in your sales process. And your social profile needs to work for you 24/7. Watch the webcast and get a free copy of David JP Fishers book Networking In The 21st Century on LinkedIn.


This webinar is for marketers and business executives interested in understanding how to make the leap from tactical use of social media to strategic social business outcomes and was presented with Jon Wuebben, CEO of Content Launch and author of the book Content is Currency.20.

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