Expand Your Reach with Employee Advocacy

Transform your employees into an online marketing engine.

Companies whose employees opt-in to content sharing create more demand for their offerings.

Start an employee advocacy program for as little as $150 a month.


Find and Convert is a GaggleAMP Agency Partner. We combine GaggleAMP with our training and other services to give our clients the fastest and easiest way to engage their employees to share content, increasing influence and reach.

Do's & Dont's of Employee Advocacy

Listen to Glenn Gaudet discuss the do's and don't of employee advocacy and how employee advocacy aligns with the global goals of an organization in episode 113 of the Social Business Engine podcast.

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Create More Awareness, Authority and Leads through our Employee Advocacy Programs.

You employees want to engage on behalf of your brand. Training and motivating your employees to opt-in to your marketing program is essential for results-driven modern marketing.

Find and Convert offers a range of options to get you up and running and producing ROI through your employees.

We've partnered with GaggleAMP, a market leading technology platform that makes it easy for your employees to share content and engage in social media activities that are pre-configured for them.

Implementing a software solution is only one element of a successful employee marketing program. Find and Convert can be your dedicated resource to set up, train, configure social media posts and take the load off your plate entirely or just a little, according to your needs. We're here to accelerate adoption of your employees in content marketing and social media engagement.

Our employee marketing program is available on a month-to-month, per-employee basis ranging from a monthly GaggleAMP subscription to turnkey program manager services priced per employee.

Want to learn how to accelerate your employee marketing program? Schedule an appointment for a no-obligation conversation to explore your options.

Why GaggleAMP?

  • GaggleAMP is easy and quick to setup and implement
  • Easy for users to schedule sharing
  • Integrated analytics allows managers to quickly assess impact and ROI
  • The mobile app adds to the ease of use
  • The leaderboard and rewards programs recognize active participants

GaggleAMP Pricing

Find and Convert will setup your Gaggle(s), train your administrator, and help you roll out GaggleAMP to your employees.

  • 1 Gaggle / up to 10 Users

    $150 per month
    A great way for any size organization to launch an employee advocacy program.
  • 1 Gaggle / 11-15 Users

    $225 per month
    Need a few more than 10 users?
  • 1 Gaggle / 16-25 Users

    $300 per month
    Create a powerful team to amplify your brand.
  • 1 Gaggle / 26-50 Users

    $500 per month
    Imagine the impact of 50 engaged employees can make!
  • More than 50 Users

    $Call for Quote
    Need more than 50 users, we can accommodate as many as you want.

We provide GaggleAMP to our clients as a month to month subscription or save 10% with an annual subscription. We can also assist you with rolling out GaggleAMP to hundreds of employees.

We offer several other services, from onboarding to coaching, to ensure your employee advocacy succeeds. To inquire about GaggleAMP and employee advocacy for your company, call us 727-234-0952 x102, email us directly, or schedule an appointment to talk with us.

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