Build Your Proprietary Audience

In the modern marketing era, your buyer will move through the evaluation process as much as 75% on her own before she is willing to have a sales conversation. She wants to be engaged through relevant and compelling content. Therefore, you should build your own audience in order to build trust and credibility….Some B2B brands might not agree with this statement. Let those non-believers be your competitors, while you build a loyal audience through online and offline content assets that accelerates your ability to be discovered and engaged by your target customer and influencers.

Build one or more destinations for your audience where they can consume relevant content provided by your brand that informs, educates or entertains in a relevant way. Empower your brand to be a valuable source of thought-leadership and problem solving content.


Ways to build your own audience include:

  • A themed multi-author blog with consistently published blog content
  • A themed newsletter or Journal with consistently published content
  • A themed webinar series with consistently published content
  • A themed podcast with consistently published content
  • A themed video channel with consistently published content

Benefits to Owning Your Own Audience

The most compelling benefit to your own media channel is that you own the content. When you post content to social media channels, you’re “renting” their content distribution channels. Your media channel is yours. The top reasons to have your own media channel are:

  • You own the content
  • You build thought leadership
  • You build authority with search engines
  • You generate share value when others share it
  • Differentiate your brand from your competition
  • You can re-purpose content into other formats
  • You can offer calls-to-actions to generate leads
  • You can attract talent to your organization
  • You inspire employees to become advocates
  • You strengthen or accelerate brand equity

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