Our Team


Mario headshot

Mario Martinez Jr.

Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Kurt headshot

Kurt Shaver

Co-founder and
Chief Sales Officer

Viveka headshot

Viveka von Rosen

Co-founder and
Chief Visibility Officer

Bernie Headshot

Bernie Borges

Co-founder and
Chief Marketing Officer


Stan Robinson Headshot
Stan Robinson

Director of Training and Coaching and Associate Partner

Ivonne Headshot
Ivonne Ribeiro

Ivonne is our Head of Customer Experience Operations!

Jack Wells Headshot
Jack Wells

Director of Business Operations & Strategy

Wendy Headshot
Wendy B. Gertridge

Wendy is our Customer Success Manager, ensuring a smooth delivery of all of our services with clients!

Shannon Headshot
Shannon Hurtado

Shannon is our Finance and Accounting Manager!

Diego headshot
Diego Pineda

Diego is our Senior Content Creator!

Diego Garzon headshot
Diego Garzon

Diego is our Digital Marketing Manager!

Matthew Beyfus headshot
Mathew Beyfus

Mathew is our Customer Success Manager!

BJ headshot
BJ Villaran

BJ is our Content Marketing Coordinator!

Cham Headshot
Cham Gumin

Cham is our Social Media Manager!

Shardul Headshot
Shardul Gaikwad

Shardul is our lead application and web developer!

Debra Headshot
Debra Eckerling

Debra is one of our Social Branding and Imaging experts, helping clients tell their story so they can be found!

Danielle Headshot
Danielle Devening-Limon

Danielle specializes in creative and front end development!

Sigmund Headshot
Sigmund Muros

Sigmund is our Customer Implementation Coordinator!

Jason Headshot
Jason Goff

Jason is one of our Social Branding and Imaging experts, helping clients tell their story so they can be found!

Byran Headshot
Bryan Vinarao

Bryan is our Graphic Designer!

Richelle Headshot
Richelle Padilla

Richelle is our Customer Implementation Coordinator!

Daniel Angel headshot
Daniel Angel

Daniel is our Sales Coordinator !

Frank Cerna headshot
Frank Cerna

Frank is our Account Executive!

Sebastian Benitez headshot
Sebastian Benitez

Sebastian is our Account Executive!

John Alba headshot
John Alba

John is our Account Executive !

Jenna Headshot
Jenna Howard

Jenna is our Business Development Assistant!

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