Promote and Engage

Using a variety of platforms to advertise and promote content to create engagement and generate leads.

Put wings on your content and let it fly.

Ensure your content reaches your target customer…

It’s not enough to create great content. We’ll ensure your content gets maximum exposure to reach and engage your target audience.

Today’s B2B buyer is hyper-connected and socially savvy. Your buyer is influenced by content that gets discovered in social media channels. We’ll develop the promotion and engagement strategy that puts your content into their feed through organic and paid promotion strategies. We’ll organize it so that it’s relevant to your target audience.

We’ll help you promote your content through relevant digital channels including email, social media and events to get maximum reach for your content.

Our promotion and engagement services include:

  • Persona development to reach the audience you need to reach
  • Writing status updates pertaining to each audience segment
  • Optimizing content for maximum SEO potential
  • Creating social images to publish with status updates on social media
  • Creating targeted advertising campaigns in social channels
  • Creating bottom-of-the-funnel ads for Adwords campaigns
  • Scheduling and publishing status updates across your social channels
  • Developing email nurturing campaigns and ongoing support
  • Training staff on the most effective ways to engage in social media channels