Email Marketing

Send email to communicate how you help your prospects.

Email is still the best thing on the internet.

Email is the single biggest digital communication channel in business in the past 30 years.

The modern digital marketer must have an email marketing strategy. And, it starts with your subscriber list.

We approach email marketing through a content marketing lens. First, we’ll work with you to develop your content strategy.  Once your content strategy is locked in, we’ll recommend and set up a multi-touch email communication plan.

List Building

We’ll harness your content strategy to attract people who want to consume your content. These are the people who join your subscriber list because you have relevant content for them to consume. List building never ends. We’ll work with you to get people on your subscriber list week in and week out.

Marketing Automation

Once you have subscribers it’s time to set up email campaigns. Working together, we’ll devise strategies to communicate, engage and nurture people on your subscriber list. We’ll create email campaigns that convert using your favorite email marketing service provider.  We recommend HubSpot.

Your Email Marketing Strategy Will Include

  • An organically grown subscriber list
  • An easy to use and efficient third party email service provider
  • Social media links for ease of sharing
  • Compelling content
  • Calls-to-actions which are relevant to your target audience
  • Consistent delivery of your emails
  • Tracking, measuring and reporting
  • List segmentation for targeted nurturing
  • Smart lists and smart forms for intelligent email marketing

We’ll help you build your email subscriber list organically. As people on your master list begin to respond to your calls-to-actions, we’ll segment them into targeted lists to allow for more efficient nurturing through your marketing funnel.

Email Marketing Design

We’ll handle the design of all your email marketing plans. We can either design it from scratch or offer input to your designer for consistency across all aspects of your digital marketing strategy. We’ll set up a standard layout (or several layouts for different communications purposes) that can be re-used with each email delivery.

Consistent Email Delivery

Consistent delivery of your email marketing communication is an important aspect. Emails should be delivered consistently through advanced scheduling techniques. Additionally, some experimentation is healthy to test different messages sent on different days and times including weekends. Constantly testing and revising is an essential element in targeted email marketing strategies.

Nurture Your Email Subscribers

When someone responds to a call to action, it doesn’t mean they are ready to buy your product or service. It’s important to set up a nurturing strategy to continue to “touch” them in relevant ways. Email marketing best practices requires a segmentation strategy, supported by technology to set up nurturing plans to build a relationship with your subscribers.

A nurturing strategy can build online relationships during the buyer’s journey, so that when a contact is ready to engage in a sales conversation, your brand is top of mind.

Track – Measure – Reports

Lead generation is a highly targeted outcome of your email marketing strategy. We’ll set up tracking codes so that leads captured from your email call-to-actions are tracked and reported for closed loop content marketing.

Targeted Email Marketing Is Essential

We believe that targeted email marketing should be key element in every B2B content marketing plan. Current technologies allow permission based email content delivery to be socially shareable and very trackable. Since email marketing can be extremely valuable, our focus is to get maximum ROI for you so that your sales team sings your praises!

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