Employee Advocacy

Your marketing department is “too small.” Employees throughout the company are eager to tell your brand story.

Most employees want to advocate for you. They just don’t know how.

A Content Marketing Strategy Precedes Employee Advocacy

Your employees represent the greatest potential to tell your brand story. Employees have the ability to reach a lot of people you might never reach “from your logo.”

Tapping into the potential reach and social amplification power of your employees isn’t an over night process. Nor is it a “new program” that you mandate to your employees.

To have your employees represent your brand effectively, they need to be willing. And, they need to understand how to represent your brand in compliance with your industry regulations and with your corporate communication policy.

We can help….

Before launching your employee advocacy strategy, we’ll help you organize these pre-launch guidelines:

  • Ensure executive support is in place.
  • Develop (or update) a social media governance policy.
  • Identify the first group of employees to approach.
  • Appoint program administrators, leaders and stakeholders.
  • Develop an employee advocacy training program.
  • Align your content strategy with your employee advocacy strategy.
  • Develop a phased launch approach.
  • Begin onboarding the first batch of employees on GaggleAMP

The Find and Convert team has successfully guided brands in the development, launch and management of an employee advocacy strategy.

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