Social Media Marketing

We’ve got the B2B social media marketing expertise to create, launch and support a strategy that leverages the revenue potential of the social web.

Engage your audience on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social channels.

The B2B customer seeks out information in social channels for products and services under consideration. We’ll help you develop a social marketing strategy that gets discovered by your target customer in relevant social media channels.

The secret is to empower your buyer by delivering the information needed during the research phase. And, during the buyer’s late stage, we’ll ensure that your brand stays top of mind in relevant social media channels.

Social media marketing is about meeting your target audience where they spend time in social channels. Prospective buyers are receptive to blog content posted and shared on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Live video and recorded video is an effective way to teach about your offerings and company culture. Visual content with supporting messaging are effective on Instagram and Snapchat.

The mix of these social channels in your social marketing strategy will depend on your audience, your goals, your content, your engagement strategy and your willingness to experiment.

Find and Convert social media marketing experts work with you to integrate social marketing engagement into your overall marketing plans.

We know that a successful B2B social marketing strategy goes beyond vanity metrics: it’s not just about “likes,” “re-tweets” and “follows.”

The metrics that matters most are the ones that measure impact on your business and the bottom line. We use social media monitoring tools to measure key performance indicators including:

  • Leads from specific calls-to-action
  • Sources of leads from various social media channels
  • Social marketing reach to your target audience
  • Social marketing engagement with your target audience
  • Social marketing sentiment with your target audience
  • Brand reputation
  • Growth of your community
  • Influence of members in your community
  • Share of voice
  • Social sharing of your content
  • Subscribers to your content
  • Closed loop marketing from prospect to customer via CRM integration

A B2B social marketing plan requires a commitment to a plan, a team approach which may include employees outside of marketing, social technology to streamline and measure and most of all a social culture that supports the mindset of engagement with a long term view.

The Find and Convert social media team of experts will help you take your social media marketing strategy to the next level of business performance.