Collaborative Strategy Development

Create a content, social, and advocacy strategy that matches your prospects’ buying cycle and drives engagement.

“Execution without a strategy is foolhardy.”

- Bernie Borges, CEO, Find and Convert

Create Digital Marketing strategies to get found by your target customer.

The purpose of a Digital Strategy is to increase brand awareness, create brand differentiation and generate demand for your company’s products and services. We’ll guide you in developing a digital strategy to serve as the guiding compass for all execution details. Stakeholders across your organization will be on board because their needs were addressed during the plan development phase. A solid digital strategy will save you time and resources in the long run.

Find and Convert helps its clients develop content marketing, social media, and employee advocacy strategies that reach and engage their target audience to build brand awareness, differentiation, interest and leads.

Reach your audience, save time & resources with a new content marketing strategy.

Develop a content strategy that will ensure you create, produce, promote and share content that matches your prospects’ buying journey and DRIVES engagement with your brand.

Harness revenue potential of the social web with a customer-centric social strategy.

Develop a Social Media / Social Business strategy that embraces social channels, social technology and social culture across the entire business to help your business achieve its revenue goals.

Spread the word about your brand by harnessing the power of advocates.

Find and Convert will help you develop a marketing strategy that engages your customers, employees and third party influencers who genuinely like your brand and are willing to advocate on your behalf.