Encourage Employee Advocacy to Increase Brand Awareness

Give your employees the opportunity to share and engage while exponentially increasing your brand's visibility.

Train your staff to “be” your brand and help you achieve your demand generation goals.

Steve CapozziCA Technologies
Find and Convert was instrumental in helping us develop the employee advocacy strategy used by our Global Partner Organization. Their emphasis on the "why" of employee advocacy really helped us get buy-in from employees.

Need help with Employee Advocacy?

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The Edelman Trust Barometer* shows that your employees are your most trusted source of information. The number one reason employees don’t advocate for their employer is they don’t know how. Additionally, employees are afraid to represent the brand incorrectly and risk getting fired. We’ll develop a training and governance program for your brand to include:

  • Social media etiquette
  • Social profile as a sales asset (not as a resume)
  • Do’s and don’ts on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Governance policy that’s friendly to the employee
  • How to avoid getting into trouble online
  • How to be a magnet to prospective buyers online

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