Social Business is rooted in a culture focused on the customer.

Develop a social strategy that reaches and engages the hyper-connected buyer.

Forget Social Media – Become a Social Business

Social media is here to stay. But, let’s face it, retweets and likes aren’t a measurable business outcome. When a B2B company matures into a social business it’s because the organization embraces social strategy, social technology and social culture across the entire business to help the business achieve its stated goals. Here’s what a social business looks like:

  • The executives embrace social as a means to support the goals of the business.
  • All departments are involved in the social strategy, not just the marketing department.
  • Social technology is used for process, efficiency and insights.
  • Training and governance are provided to employees so they are confident in their ability to participate in the firm’s social business strategy.
  • A documented content strategy is in place and amplified through social channels by employees, customers and third party influencers.

A social business has an organization-wide view of marketing. Content is the anchor to reach and engage the customer. Advocacy is purposely planned and launched to tap into the credibility of customers, employees and third party influencers.

Social Business Starts with Your Goals

We’ll develop a social business strategy that aligns with your firm’s goals. If your brand is strategically focused on delivering the best customer service in your industry, we’ll develop a social strategy to enable social customer service. If your brand has invested in sales process training for the sales organization, we’ll develop a social strategy to maximize sales process efficiency and sales productivity in social channels such as LinkedIn, as well as other social channels such as Twitter and Facebook…Yes, Facebook can be a social channel used by sales - with the right strategy.

Whatever your business goals, we’ll develop a social strategy that aligns with them. Additionally, our experts are available to help you execute your social strategy. Our social execution support services include:

  • Social media publishing
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social selling training and coaching
  • Social amplification
  • Social customer service
  • Social recruiting
  • Social analytics & insights
  • Targeted social advertising

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