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Learn how to create and enhance business relationships using social media's most popular business platforms, LinkedIn and Twitter .

Convert your online resume profile into a sales asset that works for you 24/7.
Gain confidence, connect with more people, create sales conversations.
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Your employees gain the confidence and the know-how to effectively engage in social media as an advocate for your brand. Chose from our online-courses or we can create a custom training solution for your B2B company. Maybe your team needs a mix of live, instructor-led training complemented by online courses and 1-on-1 coaching. Our private coaching service delivers private tutoring where participants can ask any question in a safe setting and get the answers they need to improve their social selling skills.

Live and online training solutions.

Our live workshops are available for remote participants in a webinar format. This approach is excellent for sales teams and busy professionals scattered around different regions. Workshops can be tailored for your company's culture and vernacular. Topics range from how to post on social channels to how to find the path to the buyer, and more. Anything your employees need to learn to be a productive contributor to your digital strategy is in our wheelhouse. Just get in touch to start the discussion.

Our online training courses are geared for busy sales professionals. Start with our Optimize Your Social Profile for Sales Success to convert your sales staff's resume-style LinkedIn profile into a sales asset. Enable your profile to work for you 24/7. Once your profile is a magnet of opportunity, upgrade your skills through our Improve Your Sales Through LinkedIn and Twitter online course. This course empowers even the most seasoned sales professionals with insights, practices and advanced tips to create sales conversations through social selling skills.

Brandon AndersenCeralytics
This is a fantastic course that will appeal to sales and marketing professionals alike who are at any point in the social spectrum, from newbie to seasoned veteran. Easy to digest courses: Each lesson packs a lot of information into a small time frame, which makes the entire thing very easy to digest - though I found myself pausing and unpausing it many times as I made notes or had epiphanies. The quick lessons also make it easy to come back for refreshers from time to time. I've been through the entire training and still go back to it to refresh myself - especially the LinkedIn section. Becoming a more authentic salesperson/marketer: A key to the training is making yourself a source of great information in your industry - something many sales professionals still feel marketing should do instead of them. This thinking is antiquated. Those salespeople who embrace being thought leaders themselves, per the SBE training, will run circles around their competition - whether at competing companies or even within their own company. Newby to advanced knowledge: The training starts with the basics, which if you're new to LinkedIn or Twitter, are essential. Even if you're a seasoned social veteran, it's good to go through these basics again, as I found a couple of things I was actually doing wrong in my LinkedIn profile. The courses then get into more advanced techniques and best practices that even if you consider yourself a seasoned social pro you will still find extremely insightful. I personally consider myself a social veteran, but I took away more from this course than from any other social training I've done. Final thoughts. SBE has done an amazing job at bringing together a training that is extremely informative, easy to navigate, and densely packed with best practices. I'd recommend this to not only any B2B salespeople, but marketers as well.

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